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Light Meters



To get the best image from your digital or film camera USE LIGHT METERs. Your digital camera can be easily confused and produce unexpected results. Most professionals use photographic light meters to be sure the exposue is correct.

 Reflected light meters - the type of light meter found in every camera, it measures the light reflecting off the subject. There are also handheld reflected light meters to determine exposure settings for cameras which lack a built-in meter, and spot meters measure the light reflecting off a very small part of the scene. Because dark objects reflect less light than bright objects, a reflected light meter can be tricked by an unusual subject or background.

 Incident light meters - a handheld light meter which measures the light falling on the subject. Incident meters are not influenced by the subjects reflectance. Many handheld meters can measure both reflected and incident light. Incident meters can be identified by a white translucent dome over the light sensor. A good quality incident light meter can cost a couple of hundred dollars or more

As professional photographers we know how important the correct lighting is to achieve a photographic masterpiece.
LIGHT is the key; measuring light effectively will make your photography fun and produce results that far exceed your expectations.

Even the most sophisticated modern digital camera can get wrong. If you have a true in-depth understanding of light and how to measure it you are on your way. 


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